Data Lions is focused on the epidemiology. Company developes algorithms for epidemiological data retrieving, processing and analysis. We use novel and promising approach to track and to predict diseases. Based on the space assets, data mining and sophisticated models we build analytical tools for parties interested in the regional and seasonal statistics of particular diseases.

Moreover, company created whole ICT/IoT system which could help analytics team to make a right choice. Merging market and customer data with our models provides valuable knowledge which is easily used by the sales, distribution or manufacturing teams of pharmaceutial industry or government policy makers.


Tick-Borne Disease Detector: Data Lions is working for the European Space Agency with the prediction of local outbreaks of tick-borne diseases in Central Europe. Project have started in January 2018. Project scope: machine learning, spatial statistics, vector borne diseases, climate change, earth observation.


Web applications: We’ve created two web applications for the Joint Research Centre and European Commission about vector-borne diseases in Europe and influenza across the world:

  1. Insect Alert: http://insect-alert.eu/
  2. FluSense: http://flusense.eu/