Data Science and Earth Observations: Algal Blooms detection

Algal Blooms in the Baltic Sea. Poland. Credits: Data Lions
Algal Bloom in the Baltic Sea, Poland. Credits: Data Lions

New Year brings to us new professional article written by our engineers for the Programista magazine. The content is available only in the Polish language but everyone may follow the code here, in English. We’ve presented how to deal with the set of rasters for a given area to detect Harmful Algal Blooms with indicators derived from the literature:

Kabbara, N., J. Benkhelil, M. Awad, and V. Barale. 2008. Monitoring water quality in the coastal area of Tripoli (Lebanon) using high-resolution satellite data. ISPRS Journal of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing 63:488–495

Algal Blooms are visible from the space and when we use specific satellite bands then their visibility could be further enhanced as here:

Algal Blooms (green areas) in the Gdansk Bay, Poland. Credits: Data Lions

If you want to know more how to detect algal blooms and estimate their outcomes for the environment and health we are able to help you!