Thrilled with Copernicus Masters results

We are proud to be a part of European Space Sector companies supported in Copernicus Masters Competition.

European Space Week 2017 and Copernicus Masters finals.

We’ve got to the finals of Copernicus Masters Competition and we won a chance to be accelerated by the European business and technical experts from the fields of Earth Observation applications. We have taken advantage of the prize. We are happy to announce, that in the upcoming months we will be guided by the specialist from the UK Catapult Program.

Last few days passed in Tallinn, Estonia. We met our Mentor and established business contacts during the European Space Week 2017. We’ve found that in Europe are many interesting SMEs with great ideas how to use space data for different market sectors: agriculture, power engineering, fishery, forestry, transport, tourism and mass market. This is uplifting news because it shows that our continent has very big potential in development of space-related products! The one sentence come to the mind: Go EU, go!