EO data processing

Species Distribution Modeling architecture based on the Python programming language and its open libraries 1. Introduction Species Distribution Modeling is a name for set of computational techniques used by biology and ecology experts to predict where some species are more or less likely to occur. Those predictions may be related […]


New Year brings to us new professional article written by our engineers for the Programista magazine. The content is available only in the Polish language but everyone may follow the code here, in English. We’ve presented how to deal with the set of rasters for a given area to detect […]

Data Science and Earth Observations: Algal Blooms detection

Poland became a member of European Space Agency six years ago. By this time old space sector companies have strenghtened their position at the European market. At the same period transition companies have emerged and they took free market niches, especially internal for the country. Polish Space Agency with public […]

The black holes of the Polish space sector development