Data Lions vision is to use space assets to improve the quality of life on Earth. We are using machine learning, remote sensing and social networks to track diseases such as vector-borne diseases, influenza or some types of cancers depending on the environmental agents.

Our mission is to inform people how to stay safe and healthy – where and when the risk of being sick is greatest and how to minimize exposition to the disease agents.

Team: we are team players and we believe that the most promising ideas are created by interdisciplinary teams. That’s why Data Lions is created by the machine learning, remote sensing, veterinary and pharmacy specialists. We are company placed between medicine and ICT and this position gives us opportunity to create innovative products.

Products and Services: the company develops own products for the mass market. We are specialized in remote sensing, epidemiology, and well-being, machine learning and software development. We are offering technical services related to GIS, remote sensing and machine learning, especially for the ICT / medical industries. Values: honesty and reliability are Data Lions foundation. We believe that only the truth builds relationship with the customer. The high quality of the final product is an expression of respect for our partners.