Space Data and ML/AI

We are specialized in the machine learning and artificial intelligence use with the satellite data sources for wide range of topics: land cover classification, image processing, anomaly detection, objects and phenomenon classification.

Data Lions utilizes machine learning algorithms and GIS technology to build better models of phenomenons related to the particular location in the space. We are working with time series data too. Highly correlated datasets are our everyday problem and we have developed appropriate tools and algorithms to handle them.

Data Lions company provides algorithms for processing and analysis of very large datasets. We are specialized in the multidimensional data. Our core members have provided workshops about image and data processing (EO and real world images).

We can help you with these topics:

  • machine learning and artificial intelligence in GIS, EO and GNSS based applications,
  • image processing and image analysis,
  • creation of pipelines for unsupervised EO data processing and analysis.

Publications of our engineers:

  • Szymon Moliński, “OCR algorithms and the external databases in the case of NAO robot communication“, Silesian Electrical Journal, 01.05.2016
  • Szymon Moliński, “Introduction to image processing in Scilab“, Workshop tutorial which has been created for Scilab workshops during downstream space acceleration programme Space3AC in Gdansk, Poland on 9th August, 2016.

Presentations and lectures:

  • Data Lions (Szymon Moliński), “Image filtering in Python and OpenCV” – PyGDA #13, April 2016
  • Data Lions (Szymon Moliński), “Python and OpenCV: DFT use cases” – PyGDA #23, March 2017